New artists in residence!

April 10th, 2013

WATERSHED+ is happy to announce our new artists in residence. The collaborative duo Minty Donald and Nick Millar arrived in Calgary from the UK this past weekend and will be undertaking four weeks of intensive research around Calgary’s watershed. They will return in August for the second phase of their residency to create a new body of work based on their research.


Minty Donald_wee

Minty Donald is an artist and lecturer/researcher in the School of Culture and Creative Arts, University of Glasgow, Scotland. Her practice is context and not medium -specific, though ephemeral media such as performance, projected imagery and sound are frequently used in Minty’s attempts to explore our relationships with the spaces and places we build, shape and inhabit. She regularly works in collaboration with Nick Millar, currently focusing on human/water interaction. Recent projects include High-Slack-Low-Slack-High, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts and time/zones festival, Berlin, 2012; Lifeguard, Govanhill Baths, 2012 and Bridging Part 1, International Network of Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), 2010.

Nick Millar_wee

Nick Millar is an artist with a project-based practice. He works frequently with Minty Donald and with other regular collaborators including Untitled Projects/Stewart Laing and Arika. Working with Minty Donald, his current practice reflects on human/water interrelations. Recent work includes Episodes 1 – 3 and A Survey is a Process of Listening, Arika, (production manager) 2012; Pass the Spoon, Magnetic North (production manager/designer) 2011; The Salon Project, Untitled Projects (production manager) 2011; High-Slack-Low-Slack-High (artist/technical consultant) 2012; Bridging Part 1 (artist/production manager), 2010.