Plus catalogues the last 8 years of WATERSHED+, documenting projects, who was involved, and the outcomes. It contains people’s voices and experiences from many points of view: engineers, artists, managers, and critics – many of whom helped shape it.

“[…] WATERSHED+ is a plan, a program, an artwork. It is processed-based work, with temporary and permanent work. It is performance and collaborative. It is artist-lead, municipal, internally and externally focused; it is engaging, informing, educational. It is engineering. It is art. It is serious, critical, joyous, challenging, and celebratory. […]”
From Plus, Introduction.

Alongside this documentation six prominent arts voices were invited – a combination of artists, curators, writers and editors – to explore a topic and to complement the narrative of the program, projects, and process from their experiences. These art subject matter experts bring knowledge about contemporary art, urban and cultural development, and insights into creative processes.

Plus also outlines the less tangible outcomes and provides recommendations for the future of the program.

Essays by:
Tatiana Mellema, Hesse McGraw, Diana Sherlock, Susan Szenasy, Shauna Thompson and Janet Zweig

Interviews of staffs and artists by amery Calvelli

Plus Graphic artist: Mustaali Raj