Dynamic Environment Exhibition – Panel Discussion

November 4th, 2020

The Watershed+ Dynamic Environment Lab was developed to explore the intricate and delicate relationship we have with our watershed. It’s an unconventional initiative that embedded artists into the systems and processes of Calgary’s Utility and Environmental Protection Department. The lab facilitated beneficial exchanges of perspectives while fostering a collaborative relationship between artists and city employees throughout the development of new art works.

Dynamic Environment, hosted by Contemporary Calgary, is the culmination of the lab and presents a selection of works from the five DE Lab artists: Becky Shaw, Steve Gurysh, Peter von Tiesenhausen, Tim Knowles, and Stokley Towles. Each artist worked in vastly different mediums to explore various aspects of our watershed and extensive infrastructure.

Opening night of the exhibition featured a panel discussion moderated by amery Calvelli with Watershed+ lead artists Sans façon and the DE Lab artists. This intimate discussion recounted the history and creation of the lab as well as the artists’ experiences of operating within a city department. It highlighted the successes and challenges of working in this non-traditional way and how it has affected the perception of what public art can be, in Calgary and abroad.

Dynamic Environment is on view at Contemporary Calgary until January 5, 2020.