Watershed+ Lab Artists at Doors Open Calgary

September 11th, 2017

The Dynamic Environment Lab artists will be presenting works in two City of Calgary locations for Doors Open Calgary this month.

The artists Steve Gurysh, Tim Knowles, Becky Shaw and Peter von Tiesenhausen along with subject matter experts from The City of Calgary Water Resources and the Logistic A Warehouse, will guide tours through a section of the warehouse, highlighting the significance of this space in servicing the city and demonstrate the diversity of professions, skills, and knowledge in Water Services.

The Logistics A Warehouse is a critical site for maintaining and operating Calgary. It provides the necessary resources to service, repair and maintain the city infrastructure. Many of the items in the Warehouse are unseen above ground, including valves, pipes and other critical spares for the water infrastructure.

For booking and tour hours, visit http://www.doorsopenyyc.org/businesses/city-calgary-logistics-warehouse/


Artist Stokley Towles will present the performance he has been developing over the last year. The artist has spent many days shadowing and interviewing Water Services crew members who repair the city water and drainage systems. He gathered their stories into a performance that explores the challenges of spending a career working in a hole.

Venue and time to be confirmed this week.